CRS Successes & Lessons Learned

In December 2016 York County increased from a Class 8 to a Class 7 with a total of 1,669 points. A Class 7 rating earns policy holders in high risk zones a 15% reduction on their annual flood insurance premium. CRS Coordinator, Kent Henkle, presented to the Coastal VA CRS Workgroup in January 2017 about the ISO review process and resultant credit rating. You can download his powerpoint presentation HERE.

York County shared many of the maps and documentation submitted to ISO for review. These documents are included below:

General Documentation 
        York County LiMWA Map
         York County Primary Structures Located in the SFHA Map
         York County Zone A Map

Open Space Preservation, Activity 420
         York County Open Space North County Area Map
         York County Open Space Seaford Area Map
         York County Open Space Tabb Area Map
         York County Residential Conservation Zoning Map

         York County Undevelopable Parcels Map

Additional Map Data (AMD), Flood Data Maintenance, Activity 440
         York County Additional Map Data Map (AMD 1 - 8B & 12)
         York County Additional Map Data Map (AMD 1 - 8B)

         York County Additional Map Data AMD9 Screen Shot



Kent Henkle, York County, presents on a recent CRS Cycle Visit with ISO