Important CRS Information

General CRS or NFIP Info

Goals of the CRS Program

  1. Reduce flood damage to insurable property
  2. Strengthen and support the insurance aspects of the National Flood Insurance Program
  3. Encourage a comprehensive approach to floodplain management

List of US CRS Communities (Updated May 1, 2016)

Virginia State CRS Profile - Includes info on credited activities by locality, NFIP policies, and CRS ratings in Virginia. (Updated 1/14)

CRS Success Stories

CRS Coordinator's Manual 2017 (Updated 5/17)
Summary of Changes in 2017 Manual

Master List of CRS Activity Elements (for 2017 Manual)

CRS Participation in VA (Map) (Updated 5/17)

VA State Based Credit - See what localities could get credit for what they're already doing. This replaces Uniform Minimum Credit (UMC). (Updated 4/17) 

ISO Virginia Representative - Christina Groves
101 Poplar Street, Central City, KY 42330
Phone: 270-754-3646, Cell: 270-7242

FEMA CRS Region III Contact -
Richard Sobota, 215-931-5514

CRS Activity & Documentation Checklists (PDF)
CRS Activity & Documentation Checklists (Word) 

Important CRS Websites: CRS Info
FEMA CRS Website

CRS Manual Supplements
Coastal Hazards
Special Inland Hazards
Tsunami Hazards

National Flood Insurance Program HFIAA 2014 Reform Summaries
Wetlands Watch April 2015 HFIAA Reforms Summary 
Wetlands Watch April 2016 HFIAA Reforms Summary

Outreach Projects (Activity 330)

Includes Program for Public Information (PPI)

CRS Outreach Projects Tracking Template (Use this spreadsheet across all departments that manage outreach projects related to flooding & flood insurance - organization for this activity is key!) (Coastal VA Workgroup Doc)

Outreach Projects Credit Calculation Spreadsheet (Excel) (Updated for 2017 Manual)

FEMA Brochures & Corresponding Credits: Guidance Doc (Coastal VA Workgroup Doc)

Order Form: FEMA Brochures & Other Docs (Free!)

FEMA Factsheet: CRS Credit for High Water Mark Initiative


Developing a PPI - Comprehensive Guidance (NFIP/CRS: updated 2014)

PPI Worksheet Example (from CRS Manual)

CRS Credit for Establishing Planning Committees (NFIP/CRS: updated 2014)

PPI Multiplier for Credit Table (Coastal VA CRS Workgroup Doc) (2017 Update Underway)

Building Public Support for Floodplain Management (ASFPM: updated 2013)

Building Public Support Guidebook (ASFPM: 2010)


Example of outreach projects displayed in City Hall (Hampton, VA)

Hazard Disclosure
(Activity 340)

Localities can receive credit if real estate agents hand out information about flooding, flood risk, flood insurance, etc. to potential buyers. Download this sample handout & ask agents to distribute or make available in real estate offices.


Flood Information Website
(Activity 350)


How to get credit for having a page on your locality website with flooding, flood insurance, evacuation, & other related information. 

Credit Worksheet for Flood Information Website (Coastal VA CRS Workgroup) Word version. (Updated for 2017 Manual)


Higher Regulatory Standards (Activity 430)

Coastal VA Freeboard Chart - see which localities require new construction in the SFHA is built X number of feet above base flood elevation (BFE) (Updated 1/16) 




CRS Training, Reports, & Other Resources

Future CRS Webinars  - Webinar contact:

FEMA CRS Training - Classes are held at EMI & occasionally elsewhere. Download the Schedule and search for "E278" 


Floodplain Management Planning (Activity 510)


Example Plan: Portsmouth Virginia Floodplain Management Plan (CRS Credit = 254 Points)

CHECKLIST FOR PLAN - Very good resource! (PDF & Excel)


The Army Corps of Engineers requires localities create a Flood Plain Management Plan when receiving Corps funding to complete any project for local flood damage reduction or hurricane or storm damage reduction. Localities can use this requirement to focus the Plan efforts so it receives CRS credit. Policy Guidance Letter 


Financing Flooding Mitigation & Other Grant Resources

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance
Wetlands Watch: Policy Update Summary 
FEMA: Guidance on Climate Resilience Mitigation Activities
FEMA Fact Sheet: Aquifer Storage & Recovery 
FEMA Fact Sheet: Flood Diversion & Storage
FEMA Fact Sheet: Floodplain & Stream Restoration
FEMA Fact Sheet: Green Infrastructure Methods

US Army Corps of Engineers Assistance Opportunities
Info: Floodplain Management Services Brochure
Info: Planning Assistance to States Brochure (VA)
Info: Silver Jackets Brochure

Funding Opportunities List, from the FL Climate Institute

CRS Assistance: Consultants & Businesses  

Local governments can hire third party consultants to complete CRS work:

Leigh Chapman, Salter's Creek Consulting, Inc. (
Mary-Carson Stiff, Wetlands Watch, Inc. (
Dewberry CRS Support Services
Syndeste CRS Consulting Service

SmartVent NFIP/CRS Presentations/Support
World View Solutions (GIS support)